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Bali Jeep Tour is one of the adventure tour to see the real and the most exotic west part of Bali by 4WD Jeep, an exciting land cruise adventure taking you the right off the beaten track and literally, by four wheels drive, to the parts of Bali normally never reached. The Safaris provide thrilling off-road excitement as the trek through the muddy road, step terrain’s remote territory, local culture and religion are observed at temples, small villages, traditional ceremonies, riverside stops, and spice and fruit plantations. The adventure infiltrating muddy land, rice field and Bali nature decorated by multifarious of flora and fauna in area of Tabanan Bali represent the exciting adventure experience during your vacation in Bali.


Bali 4WD Jungle Jeep Tour
Explore the wonders, see the real and the most exotic part of Bali, we offer you Bali 4WD (4 wheel drive) jungle jeep adventure tour, pick up time at 7’00 am, drive to Besi kalung temple, where the jatiluwih terraced rice field trekking started, Kalung Besi means iron necklace, kalung means necklace and besi means iron, this temple located in Utu village, in the north west side of Bali island, belong to Tabanan regency, the temple is one of Bali’s ancient temple, surrounded by the forest with the spectacular rice field terraces.

Jatiluwih Explore the wonders, see the real and the most exotic part of Bali, we offer you Bali 4WD jungle jeep adventure tour, pick up time at 7’00 am, drive to Besi kalung temple, where the jatiluwih terraced rice field trekking started, Kalung Besi means iron necklace, kalung means necklace and besi means iron, this temple located in Utu village, in the north west side of Bali island, belong to Tabanan regency, the temple is one of Bali’s ancient temple, surrounded by the forest with the spectacular rice field terraces. And then continue to Angsri, the natural volcanic Hot spring, is one of the hotest hot spring in Bali, located in the foot of mount Batukaru, you have chance to feel the water and swimming here (don’t forget to bring towel or short), the hot spring located in the middle of the bamboo forest, with a fantastic view of rice terraces and waterfall.

The next stop is Bedugul where we will serve your Indonesian buffet lunch. Finish lunch, The adventure continued driving into the tropical forest, to experience the unforgettable 4WD jungle jeep adventure, beautiful scenery around, feel the fresh air, exploring the country side, experience something which most of the tourist not done, we give you chance to stop for taking picture as many as you want and we will have coffee braek in the jungle. And then the tour continued to Munduk, stop at the view point, to look at the magical view of the Twin lakes of Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake, on the way to Munduk you have chance to stop to say hello and to feed the group of monkeys along the street in Panca Sari village with the spectacular view of Buyan Lake as the back ground.

Coming back from Munduk the next stop will be Ulundanu temple, the temple located in the edge of Beratan Lake, specially built to worship the Goddess of the lake and the Goddess of rice, with a wonderful view of mountain behind and beautiful flowers garden scenery. In Bali we have 4 lakes, and in this trip you will see 3 of Bali’s lakes which is located closely each others.


Exotic 4 x 4 Bali Jeep Tour
This tour special designed for you who love nature and to know more about Bali villagers way of life and to learn more about Balinese tropical plantation with its nature beauty along the way in the tour, apart from the beautiful panorama, there are also so many things to see that you can’t see in the other parts of Bali island. Enjoy driving our 4X4 jeep through spectacular scenery of terraced rice fields, And we will give you chance to stop for taking pictures as your memory when you going back to your country.

Margarana, the first stop will be Margarana, in this village we will stop to see the monument of puputan margarana, this places is I Gusti Ngurah Rai Memorial with his soldier. After World War II ended, Indonesia fought against the Dutch for independence, which was achieved in 1949. In November, 1946, Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai led a group of Balinese guerrillas in a doomed battle in which all the Balinese were killed, but it was a moral victory. The small military museum has old-fashioned weapons, Colts, Enfield’s, Stem guns, etc also built here.

Countryside road, on the way from Batukaru temple, we will drive to Wangayo gede village, through countryside stony or muddy track ( during rainy season ) ,with its exotic views of rice terraces a along the way and the mount Batukaru as the back ground, is a good chance for you to know or to witness the villagers way of life including their daily activities in the rice field. this is what the people call “see the real Bali”. Batukaru temple, A very silent peaceful temple located in the jungle at the foot of mount Batukaru.

Pura Luhur Batukaru is a holy site in the eleventh century and was later consecrated by the Rajas of kingdom of Tabanan who made into their state temple and dedicated to their ancestors Gods. The most important shrine is the unusual seven tired pagoda, which is dedicated to Mahadewa the God of Gunung Batukaru. The farmers usually come here to take the holy water for agricultural ceremonies hoping they will have a good harvest. Organic farm / lunch, after visiting Batukaru temple, then we continue the tour to the restaurant for your indonesian food lunch, finish lunch continue the tour going to see the organic farm.

A short trekking along the rice filed and passing the tropical fruits and spices garden is a simply amazing experience, very peaceful with rice terraces view around, we will give you chance to try red rice tea which grown by the villagers around with organic fertilizer, in here you can learn about Bali’s tropical plantation, spices, fruits, etc. Belulang Hot spring, Belulang Hot spring consider as the hottest hot spring in Bali, located in the middle of the terraced rice field. If you like we give you chance for swimming or showering in the fountain here, but don,t forget to bring your towel and change cloths as not allowed to take a bath naked here. The hot spring will be the last stop for this tour.

4WD Bali Nature Safari Tour
4WD Bali Nature Safari Tour is one of the best jeep tours which is offer country side tour using 4 Wheels drive vehicle to explore the beauty of tropical nature of Bali Island, the tour is combination of the jeep tour and cycling tour. The tour will take you to the middle part of Bali Island, will be started by visiting Pinge traditional village, 1 hour Botanical Garden trekking, jungle fun offroad, 2 hours country side cycling tour, sangeh monkey forest, and ended by 30 minutes foot massage.

Botanical Garden, on the way to botanical garden you will drive through Pinge traditional village, where you can see the traditional Balinese house compound. and then about 1 hour trekking at Bali Botanical Garden, the garden Located in the slope of mount pohon, about 65 km in north of Kuta, The area cover more than 150 hectares, with more than 1000 species of plants, including trees, cactus collections, bamboos, orchids, medical plantations, beautiful gardens, flowers, lushes, and the jungle, Trekking finish at the eastern side of the garden, where you will see the amazing view of Beratan lake.

Jungle fun offroad, entering the jungle by 4WD jeep vehicle is one of the most interesting thing in this tour, the area only can be entered by 4WD vehicle, if you love fun off road, this will be one of the unforgettable experiences of your Bali holiday. Beautiful scenery around, feel the fresh air, having coffee break in the jungle, very peacful and far from civilisation, experience something which most of the tourist not done. Out from the jungle then your Indonesian Buffet lunch will be served at the restaurant nearby Beratan lake.

Finish your lunch then continue the tour to getasan village for 2 Hours country side cycling tour, about 40% off road track, With the fantastic views of the rice terraces, far away from busy tourist area, see the real Balinese way of life beautiful countryside along the track, this cycling trip we will stop at sangeh monkey forest the best monkey forest in Bali, inhabited by Tame monkeys, where you can take picture Together with the monkeys, visiting Balinese House compound, holy spring Temple, we will stop in many point of interest, and you will have a lot of photo opportunity, this is the best Bali country side tour, then you will arrive at our finish point, the time for relaxing, 30 minutes foot massage will complete your trip after 2hours cycling. The swimming pool at our finish point with the beautiful scenery Around and the view of mount Batukaru in the distance, simply amazing unforgettable experience for you.

4X4 West Bali Land Cruise
Explore the Bali’s nature and countryside beauty !!!!! that is what the peoples said about this jeep tour, in this jeep tour we will not visit a temple, but we will take you to witness west Bali nature beauty. Driving our 4WD vehicle going to Blingbing village, located in Tabanan regency, Belingbing offers spectacular rice terraces view, one of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali, with some pretty valley along the road, you will make stop here for coffee break, taking pictures and do a short trekking.

Continue the jeep tour to Blehmantung waterfall or some people call it Blahmantung waterfall, located in Pujungan Village, this waterfall is spectacular, Be prepared for a bit of a trek up a steep, A very beautiful walk, It’s quite untouristed (still). very beautiful green valeys with Coffe plantation along the way to the waterfall, this waterfall near Pupuan is simply amazing. Next is Pupuan village, with cooler climate, mountainscapes, affording especially impressive views of Gunung Batukaru in the east, On the way you will pass dozens of coffee plantations protected by Dadap tree, Dadap is a holy tree commonly used in the offering.

Dadap good for coffee plantation as the fertilizer, while the root anchor the soil prevent erosion, as the area is hilly. Apart of the coffee, tropical fruits, cocoa and cloves also a big crop round here, which you often see drying on the mats beside the road. The next place is Bunut bolong, Bunut is a name of tree (Banyan) Bolong means hole, a big banyan tree stand on the road and the root in both side of the road, wonderful scenery around as a famous local sight. Continue the tour, and then you will arrive in Rubber plantation.

We stop in our special shelter where we will cook our typical Bali jeep adventure lunch, served with tropical fruit as your dessert and Bali coffee. We will spend around 2 till 3 hours here, This Rubber Plantation will be your last stop. Driving 4 WD vehicle in west Bali rubber plantation is one of your best experience during your holiday in Bali, located in Pekutatan district about 60 km in the west of Denpasar, with the area cover more than 1100 hectares, situated in the mountain area, with its beautiful valleys scenery around, crossing the river with a muddy tracks make your 4×4 West Bali land Cruise Become one of the most memorable Bali vacation.